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Wireless call systems, wireless calling systems
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The EasyWireless brand was established in 2011, joining various wireless systems for use in different fields of life. Company Easy Wireless Ltd. OU. was established in 2013. Operations began in 2010 with a project aimed at developing and providing solutions for catering companies, which would allow for improvement in their quality of service, the optimisation of the work of waiters and kitchens, an increase of customer satisfaction and an increase in the profits of companies as a whole. In February 2012, the waiter call systems TCS-01-35 and TCS-02-70 for customers were launched onto the market, followed in March by the waiter call systems for the kitchen: KCS-01-6, KCS-02-12, KCS-03-24, TKCS-04-35 and TKCS-05-35. The wireless call systems are reliable and easy to use. Feedback given by customers for the waiter call systems has been positive. Payment terms are flexible and favourable. The waiter call systems can be leased as well. The company provides sales services and customer support services for the users of the systems by phone, e-mail and Skype for European countries.

At the moment, the EasyWireless waiter call systems are in use in following countries: Austria, Brazil, Czech Rep., Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine etc. The company worked out optimal and fast door to door delivery system for clients in case of wireless call  systems and in case of spare parts as well. The establishments that use the EasyWireless waiter call systems can be recognised by the blue-and-white sticker on the door. The blue-and-white door sticker of EasyWireless is also a sign of fast and smooth service. The company continues with product development to find new convenient wireless technical solutions for use in the field of catering and in other fields.

We are looking forward to offers of new and practical technical wireless solutions and products from the manufacturers of wireless call systems.